RFK Stadium Site

RFK Stadium Site

The District has begun the planning process for the RFK Campus, assuming that Congress will pass HR 4984, giving the District a 99-year lease on the RFK Campus (National Park Service land) and more flexibility (which could include a new stadium, outdoor recreation, housing and mixed use development) than under the current lease. 



icon C100 Flyer On The Future Of The RFK Stadium Campus
January 21, 2024, Beth Purcell & Monte Edwards
This flyer is based on the white paper on the same subject (below) for distribution at a January 2024 event hosted by the Friends of Kingman Park Civic Association to which Council Chair Mendelson and C100’s Elizabeth Purcell were invited to speak on the future of the RFK Stadium site.  
icon C100 White Paper Future Of The RFK Stadium Campus
November 2023, Beth Purcell & Monte Edwards

This white paper considers the history of RFK campus, prior planning initiatives, the District's need for additional recreation space and affordable housing, a possible new NFL stadium, economists' analysis of public financing of football stadiums, and the history of  the District's financial contributions to Nationals' Park and Audi Field.


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