Who We Are

Who We Are

The Committee of 100 on the Federal City is a nonprofit organization dedicated to safeguarding and advancing Washington’s historic distinction, natural beauty and overall livability. The Committee’s officers, trustees and volunteer members contribute expertise and civic action in the service of responsible planning in Washington. For information and further details about the Committee, please contact the administrator.

I. Applicant Contact Information

Please briefly explain (no more than 250 words) why you are interested in becoming a member of The Committee of 100. (We invite you to look at the Committee’s testimony, reports and other actions on issues in which you are most interested on our website: https://committeeof100.net)
Please upload a copy of your most recent resume/CV. Please be sure to include all activities (volunteer/professional) that you think may be applicable to this application.
Max. file size: 50 MB.
IV. C100 Subcommittees(Required)
Please indicate/rank which Committee of 100 areas of focus that interest you (please select/rank at least two - #1 your highest priority):

Membership applicants are required to attend at least 1 (one) Committee of 100 General Membership meeting or other C100-sponsored event as part of the application process. (Note: General Membership meeting attendance is by invitation. If you currently do not know a current C100 member who can bring you as a guest, please contact the C100 Chair at chair@committeeof100.net to make arrangements to attend a meeting.) In the box above, please enter the type and date of C100 meeting or event attended.
VI. Expectations of Membership
I understand that obligations of membership include:
We thank you for your interest in joining the Committee of 100 on the Federal City. Completed membership applications are reviewed and approved by the Trustees of the Committee of 100 at their monthly meeting (the second Wednesday of each month). The applicant will be notified in writing of their decision shortly thereafter. Please note that the Trustees do not meet in July and August .


  • Chair – Kirby Vining
  • Vice-Chair – Sheldon Repp
  • Secretary – Pat Tiller
  • Treasurer – George R. Clark


  • Carol Aten
  • Charlie Bien
  • Alma Gates
  • Stephen Hansen
  • Erik Hein
  • Aidan Jones
  • Nancy MacWood
  • Meg Maguire
  • David Marlin
  • Beth Purcell
  • Laura Richards
  • Andrea Rosen
  • Marilyn Simon
  • Jim Smailes
  • Evelyn Wrin


Suzan Aramaki

Frances (Fay) Armstrong

Carol  Aten

Amy Ballard

Joseph R. Bender

Sally Berk

Michael Berman

Charles Bien

Kent Boese

Bill Brown

Richard T. Busch

John Capozzi, CPC

May Chan

Judy  Chesser

George R. Clark

Stephen L. Cochran

Stephen W. Coleman

Charles E. Cotten

Bill Crews

Arrington Dixon

Jenny Sue Dunner

Monte Edwards

Barbara G. Fant

Judy Scott Feldman, Ph.D.

Andrea C. Ferster

John Fondersmith, AICP

Alma Gates

Cheryl Gorelick

Stuart D. Gosswein

Eric S. Graye

William Hershey Greer, Jr.

Stephen A. Hansen

Larry Hargrove

Maureen Cohen Harrington

Erik Hein

Robert Hershey

Cornish Hitchcock

Alison K. Hoagland

Richard Houghton

George Idelson

Naima Jefferson

Aidan Jones

Justine Kingham, AIA

Hazel F. Kreinheder

Antoinette J. Lee

Jeff S. Lee, FASLA

Anne McCutcheon Lewis, FAIA

Richard Longstreth

Edward W. Lyle

Nancy MacWood

Meg Maguire

Adam E. Maier

David Marlin

William G. McLeod, Jr.

Hon. Phil Mendelson

Arthur Cotton Moore, FAIA

Lucinda F. Murphy

Jim Nathanson

Richard B. Nettler

Loretta Neumann

Parisa Norouzi

Kate Montague Perry

Caroline Petti

Elizabeth H. Phillips

Elizabeth A.  Purcell

Shelly Repp

Bill Rice

Laura Marie Richards

Roger S. Rihm

Charles J. Robertson

Andrea E.  Rosen

Gail C. Rothrock

Mary Pat Rowan

Richard S. Rybeck

Lance Salonia

Elsa M. Santoyo

William Scheirer

Gary Thomas Scott

Anne R. Sellin

Rebecca A. Shiffer

Marilyn J. Simon

James A. Smailes

de Teel Patterson (Pat) Tiller

Joel E. Truitt

Kirby Vining

Beverley Wheeler

Faith Wheeler

Jim Wilcox

Evelyn Wrin

Our Chairs

Frederic A. Delano, 1923–1944*

Owen J. Roberts, 1945*

Clifton A. Woodrum, 1945–1947*

C. Melvin Sharpe, 1948–1957*

Neill Phillips, 1958–1967*

Grosvenor Chapman, 1968–1970*

David Sanders Clark, 1971–1972*

Mrs. James H. Rowe, Jr., 1972–1980*

Mrs. Marion K. Schlefer, 1980–1983*

David Grinnell, 1983–1987*

Dorn C. McGrath, Jr., 1987–1994

Tersh Boasberg, 1994–1999

Kateri Ellison, 2000–2002*

Ann Hughes Hargrove, 2003–2004*

Barbara Zartman, 2004-2006*

Don Alexander Hawkins, 2006–2008

Laura M. Richards, 2008–2009

George R. Clark, 2010–2012

Nancy J. MacWood, 2013-2016

Stephen A. Hansen, 2017-2019

Kirby Vining, 2020-