DC Commemorative Works Program

DC Commemorative Works Program

Washington, DC has many monuments and memorials (commemorative works). Most of these were built on Federal land by the Federal government or built on Federal land by various organizations.These commemorative works celebrate national persons or events, as might be expected in the national capital city. Now the District government is beginning a “DC Commemorative Works Program” to encourage commemorative works that commemorate local persons or events. Some recently created local memorials include the Marion Barry, Jr. memorial statue, the Carter G. Woodson Memorial, the Metro Memorial Park and the Chuck Brown Memorial Park.

This effort is being led by the DC Office of Planning and involves a number of other District agencies and advisory groups. The first step was to outline a “Commemorative Works Location Strategy”. This program was outlined on the Office of Planning website in February 2021 and public comments were requested. The Committee of 100 on the Federal City submitted comments to the Office of Planning on March 23, 2021. The Committee of 100 and others are now awaiting the next steps to be outlined by the DC Office of Planning.


icon C100 Comments On DC Commemorative Works Program
March 23, 2021, Kirby Vining
The District's new Commemorative Works Program will begin to give appropriate attention to persons, events and sites that are part of the history of our city, Washington, D.C.  This program can be important in the continuing development of our city and enrichment of our neighborhoods.  The Committee of 100 applauds the first steps in this program.

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