The Zoning Subcommittee of the Committee of 100 on the Federal City seeks to promote land use policies and practices that are in conformance with the city’s Comprehensive Plan; and, to sustain and safeguard the fundamental values derived from the tradition of the L•Enfant Plan and the McMillan Commission.

Active in the writing of the Comprehensive Plan, the amendment process and rewrite of the Zoning Code, the Zoning Subcommittee works steadfastly to preserve and protect the established iconic character of the city for future generations. The subcommittee provides guidance to the Zoning Commission on zoning text and map amendments; and, works collaboratively with the Office of Planning to ensure the land use policies outlined in the Comprehensive Plan are met.

The Zoning Subcommittee meets regularly throughout the year and advises the Trustees and membership of its undertakings. A significant body of work has been developed as a result of the subcommittee•s tireless efforts and is posted on this website as a public reference and to serve as a history of the ongoing work the Committee of 100.


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