Parks & Environment

Parks & Environment

The Parks and Open Space Subcommittee works to ensure the preservation of parks and open space in Washington, D.C. in line with the principles of the McMillan Plan.


icon C100 Testimony DC Council DOEE Testimony
February 29, 2024, Dennis Chestnut
What I have observed is an agency that carries out its mission to improve the quality of life for the residents and natural inhabitants of the nation’s capital by protecting and restoring the environment, conserving our natural resources, mitigating pollution, increasing access to clean and renewable energy, and educating the public on ways to secure a sustainable future.
icon C100 Testimony - Anacostia Riverwalk Trail Expansion And National Arboretum Access Bridge - Final -1
January 28, 2024, Shelly Repp
Testimony prepared for presentation to the NCPC on February 1, 2024, addressing a proposal for expansion of the Anacostia riverwalk trail and a National Arboretum access bridge, as proposed by the National Park Service in collaboration with DDOT. C100 suggested that the trail expansion can serve as part of a continuous riverfront trail network, which could be branded as the Washington Waterfront Walk.
icon C100 Comments Anacostia Park Preliminary Concept Design
November 29, 2023, Shelly Repp
The C100 commends the National Park Service for incorporating feedback from the community in Wards 7 and 8, and for the excellent and thoughtful ideas in the Preliminary Concept Plan for Sections D and E. NPS balances the rehabilitation of natural areas with sports and recreation facilities in the park to transform it into one of Washington, DC's major recreational parks and a prime natural exploration area with enhanced river access and a gateway to the Anacostia River.
icon C100 Testimony Before Council Migratory Birds
December 6, 2022, Beth Purcell
Testimony presented to the D.C. Council on October 21, 2022 during Council consideration of Bill 24-710 Migratory Local Wildlife Protection Act of 2022 and Bill 24-785 Green Government Buildings Amendment Act of 2022. 
icon C100 Testimony Before Council Migratory Birds
December 6, 2022, Beth Purcell
Testimony before the D.C. Council on October 21, 2021 on Bill 24-710, Migratory Local Wildlife Protection Act of 2022 and Bill 24-785, Green Government Buildings Amendment Act of 2022. 
icon C100 Comments To DC Flood Task Force On Flooding Action Plans
October 20, 2022, Beth Purcell
The DC Flood Taskforce, sponsored by DOEE and DC Water, identifies policies and projects to bolster flood readiness.  In September 2022 the Taskforce released six new action plans for public comment, including Category # 5 - "Flood Infrastructure: to develop a list of capital spending projects to reduce flood risk."  C100 filed comments supporting necessary capital spending projects, an action that C100 has advocated for several years.
icon C100 Letter Tidal Basin Comment To NPS Of Aug 22, 2022
, Beth Purcell and John Fondersmith
Flooding at the Tidal Basin is a constant problem, harming the cherry trees and inconveniencing visitors.  The National Park Service has started a project to minimize flooding.   The NEPA and section 106 process has begun and Committee of 100 sent comments supporting the project.
icon 2022-07-05 C100 White Paper DOEE Daylighting Streams and Restoring Wetlands
July 05, 2022, Beth Purcell
Most of the historic surface streams and wetlands in the District have been lost to urbanization.  DOEE is working to restore these water features, which offered, and can again offer, important environmental and recreational benefits.  The Committee of 100 studied these initiatives and developed questions on how they work, how to measure success and their budgetary needs.  We requested comments on the draft from DOEE but none have been received as of this date.
icon C100 Paper Convert Buzzard Point Power Plant To Public Park
February 14, 2022, Beth Purcell
Around the country and around the world, industrial sites are being repurposed as public parks. The District has an iconic Art Moderne decommissioned power plant with the potential to be an educational green space/public park.
icon C100 Comments Green Construction Code Bird-friendly Design
November 8, 2018, Stephen A. Hansen
The Committee of 100 is interested in protecting the environment, wildlife habitat and wildlife, including birds.  The District is on the Atlantic Flyway, a migration route for birds in spring and fall, and is also home to hundreds of bird species.   In the city as a whole, an estimated 120,00 birds collide with glass windows every year. We believe that adding the Project Site Elective, A104.3, Bird collision deterrence, to the Green Building Code furthers protection for birds.
icon C100 Comments Anacostia Waterfront
March 16, 2017, Stephen A. Hansen & Beth Purcell
The Committee of 100 on the Federal City (C100) welcomes the opportunity to provide comments on the Environmental Assessment (EA) for Anacostia Park, a vital community and natural resource.   The management plan describes four alternatives:  three action alternatives and a no-action alternative, and analyzes the potential impacts these alternatives would have on the natural, cultural, and human environment.  We agree with the National Park Service that Alternative 3 should be the preferred alternative, and offer suggestions to enhance its positive aspects.
icon 2017-02-24 C100 Comp Plan Resiliency Study
February 24, 2017, Parks & Environment Subcommittee
DC Office of Planning (OP) and DC Department of Energy and Environment  (DOEE) recommend that climate resilience be incorporated in the DC Comprehensive Plan.  We commend them for this important forward-looking step.  Climate change will cause rising water levels and increased flooding.  To add to these challenges, there will be more people living in the city.  DC's 2015 population was 672,228, and OP projects population will increase to 987,245 in 2045.[1]

[1]OP, Citywide Community Workshop #6, 3 Nov. 2016.  DOEE, "Climate Ready DC: The District of Columbia's Plan to Adapt to a Changing Climate, draft for public comment" 10, 16 (2013).  Rising temperatures caused by climate change and effects on other infrastructure such as Metro, communications, Metrorail, and utilities are beyond the scope of this report.
icon 2016-05-11 C100 Report On Proposed Bird Friendly Changes To The DC Building Code
May 11, 2016, Parks & Environment Subcommittee
In a few months (DOEE), DC Department of Transportation (DDOT), DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) and other agencies will begin the three-year cycle of reviewing the DC Building Code (regulations, not a statute) for possible changes. This is an opportunity to improve the building code by adopting architectural and lighting standards to improve bird safety as part of the city's commitment to energy conservation and green building. Changes to the DC Green Building Code to make buildings more bird-friendly will reduce bird collisions with buildings, save lives of birds, and save energy. Other cities have changed their building codes to mandate standards for bird-safe buildings.
icon 2015-04-30 C100 Comments On Re-proposed Regulations On Private Improvements To DDOT-Controlled Pocket Parks, 24 DCMR 3314
April 30, 2015 , Nancy MacWood
The Committee of 100 on the Federal City (C 100) greatly appreciates the efforts of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to protect public triangle parks for public use, a vital benefit to District of Columbia residents. Our comments, filed before the deadline of May 3, 2015, follow.

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