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Comments on the ZRR will be accepted until 3:00 pm on September 25. Submissions may be sent to the Office of Zoning’s Interactive Zoning Information System (IZIS) at  An additional hearing will be held by the Zoning Commission on Thursday, April 24 at 6:00 pm at 441 4th St. NW; anyone who has not testified during ZRR hearings can testify at this hearing.  ANC Commissioners can testify again on a different ZRR section.  There will also be an additional hearing in Ward 8 on April 21, see the Office of Zoning website for details about location and witness sign-up or call Donna Hanousek at (202) 727-0789.

In 2007, the Office of Planning began a comprehensive revision of the city’s Zoning Regulations.  The proposed changes have been the subject of recent public hearings before the Zoning Commission, and additional hearings have been scheduled for January and February, 2014 to allow further public comment on the changes.  Three policy areas have been the particular focus of the Committee of 100 – Parking, Accessory Dwelling Units and Neighborhood Character.

zoning mapThe Committee of 100 on the Federal City seeks to promote land use policies and practices that are in conformance with the city’s Comprehensive Plan; and, to sustain and safeguard the fundamental values derived from the tradition of the L’Enfant Plan and the McMillan Commission.

Below you will find slides and notes from two recent PowerPoint presentations and Fact Sheets, which the Committee of 100 developed to highlight proposed land use policy changes within the context of the current zoning regulations; and, suggested actions to inform the Zoning Commission that the changes may not be in the best interest of the city.

Please look at the Powerpoint slides for an overview of how zoning revisions could change your neighborhood.  Also download and distribute the Fact Sheets to your neighbors.  Community members are encouraged to testify or submit written comments to the Zoning Commission.

Notice of four ward-based Zoning Commission community meetings and a special meeting for all ANC Commissioners on the Zoning Regulation Revision, including locations and dates, is posted on the Office of Zoning Website:  Directions for written submissions to the Zoning Commission on proposed changes to the Zoning Regulations are posted on the same website.  The deadline to submit written comments is 3:00 PM on April 25, 2014.

ZRR: What’s Changing? Briefing and Notes


Zoning Regulation Revision Ward Eight Presentation


2014-02-08 ZRR Ward One Presentation Revised


C100 Fact Sheet On ZRR Downtown Changes


C100 Fact Sheet On ZZR ADU Changes


C100 Fact Sheet On ZZR Neigborhood Policy Changes


C100 Fact Sheet On ZZR Parking Changes





2014-02-26 C100 ZRR Presentation To Ward 8
2014-02-26 C100 ZRR Presentation To Ward 8
2014-02-26 C100 ZRR Presentation to Ward 8.pdf
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