C100 calls for a rerouting of CSX freight rail lines

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VA Ave Tunnel

The Committee of 100 recommends that the Virginia Avenue Tunnel draft EIS be revised to address a number of deficiencies, and that the DC Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration adopt the No-Build Option until such time as the draft EIS can be substantially revised to adequately consider serious operational and physical concerns and consider the short- and long-term benefits of the separation of freight from commuter and passenger rail service.

The Committee views the Long Bridge Project as a vital transportation and urban development project to meet the increased freight and passenger/commuter needs of our growing region, providing alternatives to truck deliveries and vehicular congestion in the region. However, as we have expressed in prior comments on this Project, we believe that there are significant flaws in data projections leading to an underestimation of needed capacity and a failure to consider alternatives to meet that capacity.

The Committee views the Long Bridge Environmental Impact Study as a critical transportation and urban development project that can result in increased transportation options for the Nation’s Capital that will be sorely needed as the City and the Region continue to grow. The comments that follow reflect our concern that increased attention must be given to rail transportation in providing for increased personal and business travel in the region. Contractors like a third rail train equipment manufacturer and petroleum equipment service also recognize the need for adequate and safe freight transportation in and through the Region and suggest new ways that passenger and freight rail may be accommodated. If the train has hydraulic systems, a hydraulic cylinder repair may also be required to keep it safe and functional.


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