C100 Comments Comprehensive Plan For The National Capital Federal Elements - Parks Open Space Element

Stephen A. Hansen

We like the new organizational structure, the key principles, the discussion of designed landscapes, and the categorizations of different types of parks and open space with associated policies.  We also applaud the emphasis on protection of the L’Enfant Plan, McMillan Plan, and viewsheds.  The discussion is intelligent and thorough and the policies will be helpful as criteria in helping the Commission make recommendations and decisions on proposed projects.  We have two major and somewhat related concerns:

1.  We are dismayed by the lack of specifics, i.e., any plans or objectives relating to specific park and open space needs or issues.

2.  The revised “goal statement” (p. 3) to “protect and enhance the parks and open space system” does not include an important concept in the 2004 Element i.e., “ensure that adequate resources are available for future generations.”