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Whether you are a student at the beginning of your professional training, mid-career or retired, we welcome your interest in becoming a member of The Committee of 100 on the Federal City. The Committee depends on our members to be active volunteers and skillful collaborators with other members and partners on issues of concern to the city. Members are expected to possess skills and expertise that will advance the work of the organization on issues of citywide concern.


If you prefer, you can  Download | Print  a PDF copy of this application, complete it by hand, and then, either mail it to:

945 G St NW
Washington, DC 20001

or scan it and email it to


In either case, please be sure to include a copy of your resume/cv.

New Member Application

I. Applicant Contact Information (Required)


II. Interest in The Committee of 100

Please briefly explain (no more than 250 words) why you are interested in becoming a member of The Committee of 100.
(We invite you to look at the Committee’s testimony, reports and other actions on issues in which you are most interested on our website's Initiatives Page.

III. Experience

Please upload a copy of your most recent resume/CV. Please be sure to include all activities (volunteer/professional) that you think may be applicable to this application.
Max. file size: 64 MB.

IV. C100 Subcommittees

Please rank which Committee of 100 areas of focus interest you by reordering this list, putting at the top that focus that interests you the most and at the bottom that focus which interests you the least. To move an area of focus, put your cursor over it until the four-way arrow appears, then, drag the focus up or down.
  • Historic Preservation
  • Housing
  • Parks and Environment
  • Planning
  • Transportation
  • Zoning

V. Meetings

Membership applicants are required to attend at least 1 (one) Committee of 100 General Membership meeting or other C100-sponsored event as part of the application process.
(Note: General Membership meeting attendance is by invitation. If you currently do not know a current C100 member who can bring you as a guest, please contact the C100 Chair at to make arrangements to attend a meeting.)

In the box below, please enter the type and date of C100 meeting or event attended.

VI. Expectations of Membership

I understand that obligations of membership include:
  1. Attendance at a minimum of least three membership meetings a year - currently held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at noon (except June, July, August, & December).

  2. Payment of Annual Dues:
    • Students: $35/calendar year, (then, $75 for two years after graduation)
    • All Other Members: $200/calendar year.
  3. Support for, and participation in, the Committee of 100’s activities and events.

VII. Applicant Signature

Please type your full name in the field below. We thank you for your interest in joining the Committee of 100 on the Federal City. Completed membership applications are reviewed and approved by the Trustees of the Committee of 100 at their monthly meeting (the second Wednesday of each month). The applicant will be notified in writing of their decision shortly thereafter. Please note that the Trustees do not meet in July and August .
Date Submitted(Required)

Committee of 100
on the Federal City

945 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 681-0225

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