C100 Comment to NCPC on A New Vision for the Avenue

Carol Aten, John Fondersmith, & Pat Tiller

The Committee of 100 on the Federal City has a long interest in the planning and development of Pennsylvania Avenue (see comment letters from 2014 and 2013 below). The National Capital Planning Commission and other federal and District agencies began the "Pennsylvania Avenue Initiative" almost ten years ago. The latest phase of that work is the concept plan, "A New Vision for the Avenue", which NCPC released in March for a 120 day review period (March 16-July 13, 2022). This plan outlines three different design concepts for Pennsylvania Avenue and suggests enhancement of three "urban rooms" along the Avenue. The Committee of 100 letter makes a strong recommendation for the "Urban Capital" concept which calls for maintaining the historic linear design of the Avenue while providing additional space for landscape improvement, pedestrian movement and space for public events.