The term social housing is commonly used to describe a range of housing ownership, subsidy, and regulation models in Europe, South America and elsewhere around the globe. Recently, Montgomery County, MD has initiated a social housing program. Social housing models strive to achieve permanent affordability, social equity, and democratic resident control.

Successful social housing initiatives typically require long term public or non-profit ownership with financing and subsidies that permit stable rent levels and meaningful tenant participation in the governance and management decisions often in the form of resident councils. C100 supports legislation to incorporate social housing as an affordable housing option.


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C100 Testimony Green New Deal For Housing Amendment Act B24-0802

Meg Maguire

Testimony given on November 22, 2022 before the D.C. Council, Committee on Housing and Executive Administration, concerning the Green New Deal for Housing Amendment Act of 2022, Bill no. B24-0802.

Date added: November 30, 2022