The District of Columbia provides several forms of rental assistance to low-income tenants to promote housing stability and to avoid potential displacement through eviction. The agencies administering rental assistance are the DC Housing Authority and the Department of Human Services. C100 focuses on the effectiveness of these programs at preventing homelessness and providing support, such as counseling and social services, for residents as they move into more stable housing.


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Rental Housing Assistance


C100 Testimony On April 29, 2024 Concerning DMHHS

Deirdre Brown

C100 Testimony before the D.C. Council, Committee on Housing, during Performance Oversight hearings concerning the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services, April 29, 2024.

Date added: May 1, 2024

C100 Testimony DC Council FY24 COW Budget Hearing

Meg Maguire

The Mayor’s FY 2024 budget “doesn’t pencil out.” Generous tax breaks for office conversions in the downtown core are favored over programs for affordable housing and rental security that residents living on the margins depend on for stability and a way forward. C100 calls on Council to address problematic legislation in the Budget Support Act either by correcting some provisions or taking them up as standalone legislation.

Date added: April 14, 2023

C100 Testimony Council DHCD Budget FY23

Nancy MacWood

C100 testimony before the D.C. Council, Committee on Housing and Executive Administration, on the FY 2023 budget for the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development.

Date added: March 31, 2022