C100 advocates for comprehensive planning for a downtown comeback that requires affordable housing in all residential development or redevelopment to ensure access to jobs, supportive services, and amenities.

DC downtown is almost entirely built out. DC has the 3rd most commercial space in the nation, much of which is currently underutilized or vacant. Like many other urban areas, DC’s downtown experienced significant decline in daytime and evening populations in the post Covid period. Commercial occupancy rates and tourist visitation decreased dramatically resulting in the loss of hotel, retail, restaurant, and entertainment businesses.

DC’s downtown has very little housing. Developers are not required to provide affordable housing through Inclusionary Zoning in this part of the city. One result is that the White population in this area has grown significantly while the Black population has decreased. The average income is much higher than the citywide average yet 20% of the households live below poverty.


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C100 ZC 21-05 Comment On Office Conversions To Housing IZ Phase #2

Nancy MacWood

Comments on the potential conversion of existing office buildings, especially in the downtown area, for residential purposes, noting that currently the Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) program does not apply to the downtown area.

Date added: November 15, 2021

C100 Testimony Hearing On Bill 23-0121 The Housing Authority Board Of Commissioners

Andrea Rosen

The Committee of 100 applauds the initiative of Chair Bonds in introducing this very necessary and timely legislation to ensure that the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners is highly experienced and engaged with public housing issues.

Date added: October 30, 2019

C100 Testimony On Office To Affordable Housing Task Force Final

Caroline Petti

The housing affordability problem the city faces argues not only for doubling down on the current “tools” in the existing affordability “toolbox” but also for searching for creative solutions. That is why we are here today to testify in support of the “Office to Affordable Housing Task Force Establishment Act of 2017”. Bill 22-0289 – introduced by Councilmember Robert C. White, Jr. with co-sponsors Silverman, Grosso, Cheh, Bonds, Todd, and Gray – would establish an “Office to Affordable Housing Task Force” to examine various issues associated with the transition of existing vacant commercial office space to affordable housing.

Date added: November 16, 2017

C100 Comments On IZ Proposed Rulemaking

Nancy MacWood & Caroline Petti

Comments on a range of issues pertaining to the inclusionary zoning regulations including: the targeted family income, size of units, applicability in DC's Downtown area, arbitrarily limited "Set-Aside" requirements, bonus density, height and lot occupancy requirements, bonus density and small residential projects (i.e., fewer than ten units), city's right-to-purchase inclusionary units, and off-site compliance.

Date added: October 9, 2016



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