C100 has recognized the crucial role of public housing for DC’s most vulnerable residents. Through the DC Housing Authority (DCHA), the District government provides housing for extremely low-income residents including seniors and those with disabilities. C100 has urged the Council to address DCHA’s failure to provide safe, livable, and fair public housing as documented in the September 2022 report by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development; and to increase funding for maintaining housing units and returning them to use.


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C100 Testimony DCHA FY2025 Budget Hearing

Sondra Mills

C100 Housing Subcommittee testimony before the Council Committee on Housing, April 11, 2024, concerning the proposed budget for the D.C. Housing Authority in the FY25 budget.

Date added: April 18, 2024

C100 Letter To Council On DCHA Bill B24-1144

Andrea Rosen, Nancy MacWood

C100 urges the Council to rescind emergency legislation to restructure the DCHA board and to instead hold hearings on failures of the DC Housing Authority Board of Commissioners as outlined by HUD in its September 30 assessment, and on ways to improve public housing delivery. The bill's retention of a core of current appointed members while the eliminating a majority of the positions for elected public housing residents fails to address the administrative infractions cited by HUD while muffling the voices of affected residents.

Date added: December 30, 2022

C100 Testimony DC Council Housing Authority 2021 Performance Oversight

Andrea Rosen

Testimony at Performance Oversight Hearing on DC Housing Authority asserts that the Mayor-heavy membership of the Board of Commissioners, lacking not-for-profit and seasoned tenant advocacy representatives, has allowed the agency to drift away from its stated mission of providing affordable housing to the population earning zero to less than 80% MFI and fostering sustainable communities. Passing responsibility for housing to the private market results in no net gain in affordable units.

Date added: January 30, 2022

C100 Testimony DCHA Budget And Oversight - Maguire

Meg Maguire

Covid 19 must count for some higher purpose.  Our city must make a far greater commitment to housing for those at or under 30% of AMI with a new mindset that puts tenants and preservation of public housing first.  Only then can we transform equity rhetoric into equity reality.

Date added: May 28, 2020

C100 Testimony Bill 23-0391 The Public Housing Rehabilitation Oversight Task Force Act Of 2019

Kirby Vining

As we know all too well, the DCHA has done an abysmal job of maintaining its housing stock.  By any standard, the deterioration of some 2,500 of the DCHA units to the point that they are currently described as “uninhabitable” is disgraceful.  While the subject of how this happened over several years is important to understand going forward, the greater priority is to adopt a multi-faceted approach to expanding and stabilizing public housing in partnership with families that are threatened with displacement.

Date added: October 30, 2019

C100 Press Release DCHA Board Expansion

Andrea Rosen

The Committee of 100 on the Federal City (C100), the District’s oldest planning advocacy organization, testified on October 30, 2019 before the DC City Council in support of Councilmember Anita Bonds’ bill to add two Council-appointed members to the Board of Commissioners (Bill 23-0121, the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Qualification and Expansion Amendment Act of 2019).

Date added: October 30, 2019