New Developments are occurring on large tracts of previously industrial lands or other sites for which purposes have changed. These deserve careful attention to planning and design.


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Comprehensive Plan—DC Elements


C100 Letter DC Council Comp Plan Vote

Kirby Vining

C100 urges the Council to heed the Council Office on Racial Equity report on the draft Comprehensive Plan and vote NO on bill 24-0001 because the Plan “perpetuates the status quo.”

Date added: April 28, 2021

C100 Letter DC Council Draft Comprehensive Plan B 24-0001

Kirby Vining Laura Richards & Nancy MacWood

Letter to Chairman Mendelson and all DC Council Members urging them to address significant flaws in the Mayor’s Comprehensive Plan amendments that have made this 1,500 page document anathema to residents across the District.

Date added: March 19, 2021

C100 Comprehensive Plan Take Action

C100 Trustees

This document, lists some of the major failures of the Comp Plan amendments and changes Council should make when it votes on the Plan in mid-March.   Please share this document with your personal contacts and the wider community via ANCs, civic associations, and other local groups to spread the word about what concerned citizens can do to weigh in with Councilmembers before March 16th via blogs, email — however you best reach your local community.

Date added: February 19, 2021

C100 Maps Of The Comprehensive Plan

Kirby Vining

The Comprehensive Plan contains two maps, the Future Land Use Map and the Generalized Policy Map, both of which have crucial roles in planning and Zoning.  Hundreds of changes to both have been proposed and the attached is a guide to both what these maps are about.

Date added: January 27, 2021

C100 Press Release Unmasking The Comprehensive Plan

Nancy MacWood & Meg Maguire

The Committee of 100 on the Federal City (C100) has just released Unmasking the Rewrite: How to Make the Comprehensive Plan Work for DC, a 74 page report that describes how the Mayor’s Office of Planning (OP) has turned the legally required amendment to the District’s Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) into an attack on neighborhoods and an invitation to developers to pursue unconstrained development.

Date added: January 11, 2021

C100 Supplemental Testimony DC Council B23-0736 Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Kirby Vining & Nancy MacWood

Extensive written comments on many elements of the proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, presented in follow-up to our November 12, 2020 testimony before the Council.

Date added: December 3, 2020

Unmasking The Rewrite - Assessment Of Selected Elements in the Comprehensive Plan

Introduction and Major Conclusions: This document includes the full text of C100’s comments on the amended Comp Plan as presented to the Council on December 3, 2020, but also includes a brief introduction pointing out the basis for our detailed analysis and recommended changes that should be of help to others in discussions with Council members and civic associations before the Council votes on the amended Comp Plan, probably in February, 2021.

Date added: December 1, 2020

C100 Supplemental Testimony Comprehensive Plan

Meg Maguire, Nancy MacWood, & Andrea Rosen

To achieve racial and economic equity in this city, and to gain the confidence and community buy-in necessary to do that, we recommend that Council: 1) Retain the current plan as a starting point, as flawed as it may be; 2) Immediately focus our city government capacities on implementing best practices in community visioning and planning to develop community-driven Small Area Plans; and 3) Identify specific sites and potentially convertible spaces and buildings in each ward that can produce affordable housing to strengthen our neighborhoods and enable low income families to achieve a better and more equitable future.

Date added: November 20, 2020

C100 Testimony DC Council B23-0736 Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Kirby Vining

Text of C100 oral remarks presented to the Council Committee of the Whole for its hearing on B23-0736 on November 12, 2020. See supplemental comments submitted later, immediately above.

Date added: November 12, 2020

C100 Letter Zoning Commission Chair Anthony Hood

Kirby Vining

C100 October 12, 2020 letter to the Zoning Commission, objecting to the Zoning Commission’s August 5, 2020 letter to the Council encouraging the Council to pass the amended Comprehensive Plan because delay in passing the Plan “is having a negative effect on ((Zoning Commission)) progress.”

Date added: October 13, 2020

C100 Letter Mayor Council Comprehensive Plan

Kirby Vining

The draft Comprehensive Plan fails to address the problems COVID has caused and continues to cause for our city.  We recommend that the Council return the draft plan to the Office of Planning to properly include language addressing these dire problems.

Date added: August 24, 2020

C100 Letter Council Chair Mendelson Return The Draft Comprehensive Plan To The Office Of Planning

Kirby Vining

The current version of the Comprehensive PIan is in force and will serve us well as residents, businesses and the government absorb and analyze the assumptions embedded in the amendments against the realities exposed by and resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Date added: May 15, 2020

C100 Comments Comprehensive Plan

Kirby Vining

These “amendments” to the Comprehensive Plan constitute a rewrite (a major revision and not an amendment as described in Implementation Element Section 2513.2) making major changes and rewrites to policies without the public engagement required. (see Implementation Element Section 2507.4, Policy IM-1.5.2 Promoting Community Involvement). This has been a top-down process and all amendments that exceed the scope of an amendment cycle should be removed, and a rewrite with extensive community involvement should be started soon with the new plan to be completed by 2026 as envisioned in the 2006 plan.

Date added: January 10, 2020

C100 Press Release C100 Requests Mayor Bowser Extend DC Comprehensive Plan Deadline

Stephen A. Hansen

The Committee of 100 on the Federal City (C100) is urging Mayor Bowser to extend the 60-day public comment period, from December 20, 2019 to April 1, 2020, for the 1500 pages of amendments to the city’s Comprehensive Plan posted for public review by her Office of Planning (OP).  Further, the deadline for Advisory Neighborhood Commissions should be extended to May 1, 2020.

Date added: November 21, 2019

C100 Letter Extension Of Comp Plan Review Period Is Critical For Meaningful Public Review

Stephen A. Hansen, Chair

The C100 urges Mayor Bowser to extend the public comment period on the amendments to the  Comprehensive Plan Elements, released on October 15, from December 20, 2019 to April 1, 2020.

Date added: November 18, 2019

C100 Comp Plan Framework Element Report

Larry Hargrove & Laura Richards

On October 8, the City Council, urged on by Mayor Bowser, acted to smack down citizen activism with its vote aimed at making zoning decisions appeal-proof. But at what cost? Eager to keep the developers’ cranes in the air, the Council transferred a sizeable portion of its own authority under the Home Rule Act to the Zoning Commission. A proverbial giant sucking sound might have been audible as the vote on the Plan’s Framework Element proceeded and part of our self-government drained away.

Date added: October 1, 2019

C100 Letter Mendelson Framework Element

Stephen A. Hansen

C100 urges Chair Mendelson to consider postponing the vote on the Comprehensive Plan Framework if is not responsive, too dense to be analyzed in a few days, or should be furthered amended after talking to Council members.

Date added: June 29, 2019

C100 Comprehensive Plan Fact Sheet

Meg Maguire

Mayor Muriel Bowser has submitted legislation to the DC City Council to amend the Framework Element of the DC Comprehensive Plan, the city’s most important land use law. The bill strips citizens and their elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) from effectively challenging development projects. The DC City Council will hold a hearing on B22-0663 Comprehensive Plan Framework Amendment Act of 2018, a.k.a. The Developer’s Wish List Act, on March 20, 2018 at 2:00 PM at City Hall.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your ANC and your Council Members immediately. Sign up to testify on Tuesday, March 20 @ 2:00 PM at the Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Room 500 by contacting or calling Sydney Hawthorne at 202-724-7130 and provide your name, address, telephone number, organizational affiliation if any and title by COB Friday, March 16, 2018.

Date added: February 5, 2018

C100 Letter To Shaw Comprehensive Plan Framework Element

Stephen A. Hansen

For a year, the Committee of 100 has asked for the redrafted Framework Element, or at least a reliable time when it would be released. The Office of Planning has had the public’s submitted amendments now for two months and is reportedly planning to issue a report on which amendments OP will present to Council and which your agency will not support. This unique and unsupportable process has permitted OP to judge citizen’s policy preferences before sharing the information that is influencing your decisions. This is absurdly backwards.  It makes no sense and is neither fair nor transparent. The Committee of 100 calls on the Office of Planning to release the draft Framework Element immediately.

Date added: September 25, 2017

C100 Press Release Exempting The Zoning Commission From Conforming To Comprensive Plan Is Bad Idea

Stephen A. Hansen

The Committee of 100 on the Federal City (C100) has issued a statement in opposition to a specific provision in the “Priorities Statement” issued by a coalition of DC-area developers and non-profit organizations under the auspices of Greater Greater Washington, that would empower the Zoning Commission (ZC) to ignore the Council-adopted Comprehensive Plan.


The coalition’s proposed amendment to the Comprehensive Plan would: “Clarify zoning authority.  Through the Comprehensive Plan, the District should affirm that the Zoning Commission has the purview to allow increased density for Planned Unit Developments that supersedes the levels in the Comprehensive Plan’s maps in exchange for community benefits.”

Date added: May 15, 2017