Historic Districts

Historic Districts

An historic district is a formally designated group of buildings, structures, sites, and spaces that relate to one for historical, architectural, and/or cultural reasons.  DC has over 30 residential DC historic districts that are included in the DC Inventory of Historic Sites (designated under the provisions of the Historic Landmark and Historic District Protection Act of 1978 (D.C. Public Law 2-144) and/or on the federal level in the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places. 

The Committee of 100 is a member of the DC Historic Districts Coalition, an informal alliance of organizations and individuals representing Washington, D.C.’s historic districts.  The Coalition’s focus is on issues of importance to historic districts, with the rationale that the collective strength of a group of neighborhood historic preservation organizations carries greater weight and is more effective in articulating positions and needs than that of single voices from individual neighborhood groups working separately.



icon 2023-05-19 C100 Comments OP Connecticut Avenue Development Guidelines
May 19, 2023, Shelly Repp
The Guidelines fail to address several issues, as the Council has directed. This is a basic flaw that must be corrected prior to submission of the Guidelines for use in any forum.
icon C100 Testimony ANC Redistricting B24-0700 28April22
, Stephen Hansen
Testimony before the Council Committee of the Whole Subcommittee on Redistricting re: Bill 24-700, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission Boundaries Act of 2022.  April 28, 2022 
icon C100 Testimony Before HPRB On Barry Farm (HPA 19-07) 25July2019
, Stephen Hansen
Testimony Before the Historic Preservation Review Board on Barry Farm Historic District Nomination (HPA 19-07).  July 25, 2019
Historic Districts

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