How can the 2025 DC Budget best serve people who need safe and affordable housing?

With COVID-era federal funds no longer available, housing funds are far tighter than in recent years. As appropriations shrink and the need for affordable housing accelerates, we must ensure that budget decisions do not lead to even greater racial and economic segregation, undermining The Fair Housing Act of 1968, and exacerbating disparities in our city.


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C100 Testimony Before Council On The Budget For DHCD And The Housing Production Trust Fund April 22, 2024

Deirdre Brown

C100 testimony before the D.C. Council during Performance Oversight Hearings concerning the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Housing Production Trust Fund, April 22, 2024

Date added: May 1, 2024

C100 Letter to Mayor Bowser on the Downtown Action Plan

Shelly Repp

C100 comments on the Downtown Action Plan in a letter to Mayor Bowser and members of the D.C. City Council

Date added: March 18, 2024

C100 Testimony DC Council Oversight Hearing For DHCD

Nancy MacWood

Focus on DHCD's data gap on beneficiaries of low income housing programs by race, ethnicity, age, and gender; and DHCD's inaccurate or vague reporting to HUD on its efforts to address Fair Housing Impediments.

Date added: February 14, 2024