The Historic Preservation Subcommittee’s mission is to protect and preserve the significant historic properties, vistas, landscapes, and archaeology of the District of Columbia as they relate to the overall mission, goals, and policies of the Committee of 100. 

We do this by:

  • Preserving and enhancing the historic preservation laws, regulations, and guidelines of the District of Columbia, and, as appropriate, the Federal Government.
  • Advocating for the appointment of highly qualified candidates to the boards and commissions of the District of Columbia that regulate or influence historic preservation.
  • Recommending for approval and adoption by the Committee of 100’s trustees (or membership when appropriate) actions and policies concerning historic preservation in the District of Columbia, and to keep them informed of significant developments in historic preservation.
  • Presenting to government councils, boards, commissions, courts, and other entities, through testimony and other means, the Committee of 100’s position on various historic preservation matters, including individual sites or projects that meet the Historic Preservation Subcommittee’s guidelines for involvement.
  • Providing advice and/or support, as deemed appropriate, for the efforts of other subcommittees of the Committee of 100 when government or other actions may impact historic preservation in the District of Columbia.
  • Supporting, when deemed essential, the historic preservation activities of other organizations and agencies that will achieve the goals and purposes of the Committee of 100.