In the last revision of the Comprehensive Plan, large stretches of DC corridors like Connecticut, Wisconsin and New York Avenues were targeted for up-zoning, encouraging development to new heights and limiting community engagement. The Committee of 100 works ensure that as plans are developed and implemented that affordable housing needs, adequate supporting infrastructure, and neighborhood protection are addressed.


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C100 Comments on OP Draft Wisconsin Avenue Development Framework

Shelly Repp

The draft Framework is a glossy PR piece of what the upper Wisconsin corridor could look like. However, it is unlikely that the proposed up-zoning alone will lead to that result. The Framework falls far short of satisfying Comprehensive Plan requirements of providing for truly affordable housing, assuring adequate supporting infrastructure, and protecting contiguous neighborhoods from massive overshadowing without adequate step-downs in place. Critical implementation details, including mechanisms to achieve the Framework’s vision, are missing.

Date added: November 15, 2023

C100 Comments DCEJC New York Ave NE Vision

Caroline Petti , Preshona Ambrie, & LaTricea Adams

Roughly half of the city’s industrially-zoned property is located in Ward 5 and much of it is centered in the New York Avenue NE Future Planning Analysis Area. For too long, residents of this area have had to endure the ill effects of adjacent industrial activity and accompanying poverty, unemployment, and economic distress. As the DC Office of Planning embarks on planning for new commercial and residential growth in this area, meeting the needs of existing and long-term residents must come first.

Date added: June 1, 2023

C100 Comments OP Connecticut Avenue Development Guidelines

Shelly Repp

The Guidelines fail to address several issues, as the Council has directed. This is a basic flaw that must be corrected prior to submission of the Guidelines for use in any forum.

Date added: May 19, 2023