C100 prioritizes preservation of the city’s existing housing stock and expansion of the inventory of new affordable housing with family-sized units of 2-3+ bedrooms for the most vulnerable residents in all parts of the city. We focus on how the city sets affordable housing goals, the enabling legislation supporting those goals, who is served and who is not served through implementation of affordable housing programs, and the track record of achievement.

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Affordable Housing Preservation and New Construction


C100 Testimony Before Council On The Budget For DHCD And The Housing Production Trust Fund April 22, 2024

Deirdre Brown

C100 testimony before the D.C. Council during Performance Oversight Hearings concerning the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Housing Production Trust Fund, April 22, 2024

Date added: May 1, 2024

C100 Testimony DC Council Oversight Hearing For DHCD

Nancy MacWood

Focus on DHCD's data gap on beneficiaries of low income housing programs by race, ethnicity, age, and gender; and DHCD's inaccurate or vague reporting to HUD on its efforts to address Fair Housing Impediments.

Date added: February 14, 2024

C100 Testimony to DC Council Committee on Facilities & Family Services On Bill 25-39 Common Ground Amendment Act

Nancy MacWood

C100 Testimony on 12/14/23 on the Common Ground Amendment Act of 2023 (surplussing and disposition of public property).

Date added: December 20, 2023

C100 Comments On The BSA And Housing Budget

Shelly Repp

Committee of 100 sends letter to the DC Council on portions of the Mayor’s proposed Budget Support Act and housing budget for FY 2024.

Date added: May 3, 2023

C100 Testimony Council HPTF 2021 Performance Oversight Hearing

David Marlin

Committee of 100 testimony to the DC Council Committee on Housing and Executive Administration regarding failures of the Housing Production Trust Fund.

Date added: January 24, 2022

Committee Of 100 Letter To Chair Bonds Re HPTF Mismanagement

Caroline Petti

Letter to D.C. Council Housing and Executive Administration Committee Chair Anita Bonds requesting that Bonds to correct long-standing mismanagement of affordable housing funds by the Department of Housing and Community Development as found by the Office of the Inspector General and the District of Columbia Auditor.

Date added: October 25, 2021

C100 Letter DC Council Housing Budget Testimony

Kirby Vining

Letter to the D.C. Council summarizing C100 testimony on several aspects of the Mayor’s proposed FY2021 budget.

Date added: June 24, 2020

C100 Testimony DC Council FY2021 Budget Tax Abatement

Kirby Vining

The Budget Support Act of the Mayor’s FY2021 budget contains a proposed 40-year tax abatement for housing projects in four specified areas of the city on the condition that the projects, containing 350 or more housing units, also provide 30% of the units at the 80% MFI level. 80% MFI is by all accounts market rate housing, so there is no justification for providing such a bonus for housing that is not addressing affordable housing needs at all and is in fact continuing an apparent policy of providing help to sectors of the housing market that do not need it or deserve it.

Date added: June 17, 2020

C100 Testimony DCRA Budget And Oversight HPTF

Nancy MacWood

The Council’s decisions on how public funds are appropriated in FY21 take on extra pressure and meaning since the city, nation, and world are spiraling from the devastating effects and uncertain future caused by both the coronavirus pandemic and pain from structural inequities and injustices.  This budget review is the first test of how our leaders and we citizens will respond.

Date added: June 8, 2020

C100 Testimony DC Council DHCD Budget Oversight

Kirby Vining

Our government has a fiscal obligation and moral responsibility to be a better steward of public funds for public projects than has been demonstrated, and we would like the Council to emphasize in this budget oversight process that accountability and transparency are necessary, both for the sake of fiscal responsibility, but also for the sake of the people who are the customers of DHCD projects and programs.

Date added: April 23, 2019