Historic Preservation Review Board

Historic Preservation Review Board

The functions of the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) are defined in the DC Historic Preservation Act of 1978 and the regulations of the DC Historic Preservation Office.  Among the primary duties of the HPRB are the designation of historic landmarks and districts and the review of proposed alterations, demolitions, and new construction regarding protected buildings and sites.  There are currently 54 historic districts and 27,000 buildings in the District of Columbia over which the HPRB has jurisdiction. 

The HPRB is comprised of nine members, who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.  A majority of its members must be qualified in the disciplines of history, archaeology, architecture, and architectural history.  All members must have demonstrated competence, interest, or knowledge in historic preservation.

The HPRB holds monthly public hearings to discharge its obligations.  The Historic Preservation Office maintains a website on which information about the HPRB’s meetings, members, and related activities, policies, and resources may be found.  The Committee of 100’s Historic Preservation Subcommittee presents testimony before the HPRB as appropriate on matters of concern.


icon C100 Testimony To Council On Marnique Heath HPRB Appointment 1
2024-01-19, Kirby Vining
Written testimony presented in support of the renomination of Ms. Marnique Heath, Architect, to the Historic Preservation Review Board, hearing held on January 10, 2024
icon C100 Testimony DC Council HPRB Nominations
May 2, 2019, Sally Berk
Three members of the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRP) have been submitted by the Mayor for reappointment:  Chris Landis, Linda Greene, and Outerbridge Horsey.  C100 and the DC Preservation League (DCPL) oppose the reappointments of Landis and Greene.  The testimony provided by C100 at the May 2, 2019 Council confirmation hearing follows up on a March 2019 joint letter from DCPL and C100 to Council Chair Phil Mendelson (below) pointing out our concerns about their performances as HPRB members.
icon DCPL-C100 Letter Mendelson HPRB Appointments
March 14, 2019, Stephen A. Hansen & Rebecca Miller
icon C100 Letter ANC Omnibus Bill Comments
July 20, 2016, C100 and others
The proposed ANC Act mistakes the design review process before the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) for a liquor license review before the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) and seeks to limit both to the same categories of public testimony. Section 25-601 of the D.C. Code gives standing to 7 categories of individuals or organizations “to file protest against a[n ABRA] license.” Section 4 of the proposed ANC Act would delete the references to so-called “groups of 5” and citizens associations from Section 25-601. Section 5 of the proposed ANC Act would apply the amended list of potential ABRA protesters to HPRB proceedings.
icon 2012-02-09 Loretta Neumann C100 Testimony On Boards Commissions Amendment Act
February 9, 2012, Loretta Neumann
Loretta Neumann testifies on behalf of the Historic Districts Council regarding the Historic Preservation Review Board.
icon C100 Testimony Before the DC Council Regarding the Boards and Commissions Amendment Act of 2011
February 9, 2012, Loretta Neumann
C100 testimony supporting the intent of the bill, which we feel could do much to improve the visibility and effectiveness of many DC boards and commissions. We do, however, have several concerns about its implementation.



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