2015 Vision Awards — Now Accepting Nominations

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NOTE: Nominations are closed.

The Committee of 100 on the Federal City honors planning and land use that promotes its mission to advocate “responsible planning and land use in Washington, D.C….guided by the values inherited from the L’Enfant Plan and McMillan Commission, which give Washington its historic distinction and natural beauty, while responding to the special challenges of 21st century development.” In support of its mission, the Committee advocates for Planning, Zoning, Parks & Environment, Transportation, and Historic Preservation. Since 2001, the Committee of 100 has annually presented Vision Awards to recognize projects, programs, plans, and individual lifetime achievements that are visionary and innovative and provide notable benefit to the District of Columbia. Types of Awards:

  • Vision Award: Awarded for a project, program, or formal plan that has been developed to benefit the District of Columbia as a whole or to serve as an exemplary achievement to be copied and duplicated in other areas of the District of Columbia, performed by a public, private, or non-profit organization or individual located or residing in the District of Columbia; or
  • Vision Award for Lifetime Achievement: Awarded to an individual who has devoted significant professional or voluntary time and effort to planning and land use in the District of Columbia. The focus of the individual may be on citywide planning and land use or he/she may have demonstrated a more local neighborhood focus or a project by project focus.


  • Nominations may include completed projects, published plans, and programs undertaken by individuals, groups, and/or organizations (profit or non-profit/ governmental or private).
  • A public, private, or non-profit organization located in the District of Columbia may be nominated for a body of work not restricted to one project, plan, or program.
  • Nominations may include educational and stewardship programs that promote innovative and visionary land use or planning and/or historic preservation efforts that reflect the principles of the L’Enfant and McMillan plans.
  • Nominations should demonstrate sensitivity to neighborhoods, historic elements, public space, and/or natural features, and they may have a citywide or smaller area focus.
  • Nominations may include plans that were not fully implemented but remain inspirational and demonstrate design excellence and sensitivity to neighborhoods, historic elements, public space, and/or natural features.
  • Nominations should also demonstrate sound planning that would benefit the city or a smaller area.
  • Lifetime Achievement nominations for individuals must be for work that has benefited the District of Columbia as a whole or in part within one or more of the advocacies in which the committee engages. (I.e., Planning, Zoning, Parks & Open Space, Transportation, and Historic Preservation.) The intent is not only to recognize a lifetime achievement but also the work done to date by an individual that rises to the level of visionary and has benefited the District of Columbia.

Nomination Process: Anyone currently residing in the District of Columbia or a member of the Committee of 100 may make a nomination. Completed forms along with supporting documentation should be made here on our website no later than Wednesday, April 29th, 11:59 pm.  Once you have successfully submitted a nomination, you will receive a confirmation by email. If you have any questions, please contact Byron Adams, C100 Administrator, via email at badams@committeeof100.nett or phone at 202-681-0225. Award Presentation: Awards will be presented at a gala in early June (exact date and location to be determined). If selected for an award, nominee will receive two complimentary tickets to the gala.


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