Historic Preservation Review Board

Historic Preservation Review Board

The Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB), appointed by the Mayor of the District of Columbia, is responsible for guiding the local government and the public on matters related to historic preservation. Specific functions of the HPRB include review and public hearings on legislation related to historic preservation, proposed changes and alterations to buildings listed on the local inventory of historic places, and new construction in local historic districts. The HPRB uses standards established by the Secretary of the Interior’s in reviewing projects.

Under National Park Service regulations (36 CFR Part 61), all Review Board members must have demonstrated competence, interest, or knowledge in historic preservation. The HPRB must include at least one person qualified in each of three disciplines — history, archaeology, and architectural history —although a single qualified member may represent more than one discipline. The remaining professional members must represent one of 12 identified disciplines: archaeology (prehistoric and historic), architectural history, conservation, cultural anthropology, curation, engineering, folklore, historic architecture, historic landscape architecture, historic preservation, historic preservation planning, or history.

Given the functions of the HPRB, its membership and effective operation is of importance. As such, the Committee of 100 from time to time will not only testify before the HPRB, but we will comment on proposed appointees to the Board.


icon C100 Letter ANC Omnibus Bill Comments
July 20, 2016, C100 and others
The proposed ANC Act mistakes the design review process before the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) for a liquor license review before the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) and seeks to limit both to the same categories of public testimony. Section 25-601 of the D.C. Code gives standing to 7 categories of individuals or organizations “to file protest against a[n ABRA] license.” Section 4 of the proposed ANC Act would delete the references to so-called “groups of 5” and citizens associations from Section 25-601. Section 5 of the proposed ANC Act would apply the amended list of potential ABRA protesters to HPRB proceedings.
icon C100 Letter Regarding Archaeologist Vacancy On HPRB
December 7, 2015, Nancy MacWood
C100 asks the National Park Service for assisting in resolving the lack of an historic archaeologist on the D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board.
icon 2011-02-03 Ron Collins
February 3, 2011, George Clark, C100 Chairperson
A letter from Chairperson George Clark informing Office of Boards and Commissions Director Ron Williams of the Committee’s endorsement of Peter Byrne to serve on the Historic Preservation Review Board.
icon 2011-01-14 C100 Endorsed Candidates For HPRB
January 14, 2011, Richard Busch, C100 member
Brief bios of ten possible candidates for the Historic Preservation Review Board endorsed by the Committee in January 2011.
icon 2011-01-14 George Clark Letter To Vincent Gray Re HPRB Endorsements
January 14, 2011, George Clark, C100 Chairperson
A letter from Chairperson George Clark informing DC Mayor Vincent Gray of the Committee’s endorsement of several candidates to serve on the Historic Preservation Review Board.


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